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Practice Policy for Managing Lost or Stolen Medication with Potential for Abuse Posted on 28 Feb 2020

All prescriptions and medications are patient’s own responsibility.  It is an individual’s responsibility to keep medications safe and manage these appropriately.  This is with particular reference to medications where there is potential for abuse.  Therefore as a practice, we have decided that we will not replace or re-issue medications where there is potential for abuse under any circumstances. 

We have also decided that if an individual runs out of aforementioned medications prior to them being due then we will not issue the next prescription early under any circumstances.

Patients should be aware that due to the nature of these medications then they would be at risk of withdrawal symptoms and that this is not an indication for the practice to issue prescriptions early or replace prescriptions. 

If a patient attempts to seek medication early or replacement medication on more than one occasion then the practice will start to reduce and stop these medications in accordance to local reduction guidance.

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Maureen Leggat