Ballochmyle medical practice provides a confidential service to all our patients, including those under 16. This means that personal information regarding patients will not be disclosed to anyone outside the practice without permission from the patient, except in exceptional circumstances where somebody is at grave risk of serious harm. The practice does from time to time participate in research projects that have been approved by the local ethics committee. All members of staff, including those seconded as attachments to the practice are required to sign an agreement to abide by the practice policy which states that any breach of policy will result in dismissal or termination of the placement.

Ballochmyle Medical Group asks that you respect and co-operate with our policy and do not request information about anyone other than yourself – this includes confirming attendance at surgery, test results or personal details.

Please be aware that our staff are bound to the NHS code of confidentiality; they are therefore not permitted to discuss any of our patient’s medical history, including their registration status, without their written consent to do so.

Once written consent has been received and verified with the patient we can provide you with information as required; this includes communicating with you on behalf of the patient with regards to any complaints, but excludes patients who are unable to act on their own behalf and already have a designated person or carer responsible for their medical care.

We therefore respectfully ask parents, relatives and guardians not to request information regarding their relatives/friends or to complain on their behalf unless we have their written consent that you may do so. If consent is required we advise that the person concerned attends the Practice to complete the required form. Please remember, staff risk losing their jobs if found in breach of this policy. Staff at Ballochmyle Medical Group are also bound by the Data Protection Act.