Cancel, Confirm or Change your Hospital Appointment

Referral Management Service

The Referral Management Service (RMS) is based at University Hospital Crosshouse and is responsible for booking outpatient clinic appointments within hospital services for a range of specialities and locations across NHS Ayrshire and Arran

When patients contact the service – whether it is to confirm, change or cancel an appointment – we will aim to answer all calls as quickly as possible. However, at times when staff are particularly busy dealing with calls, callers will be placed in a queue and will be answered as soon as a member of staff becomes available. We will let you know where you are in the queue. You can also request a call back if the line is busy, and you can’t wait for your call to be answered.

When calling the service, please make sure that you have your appointment letter to hand, as we will ask for your name, date of birth, contact telephone number and your Community Health Index (CHI) number. Your CHI number can be found under the date of your letter. By having these details to hand, we can manage your call quickly and effectively.

The contact details for the Referral Management Service can be found on all outpatient appointment letters. If you need to contact the service, call 01563 827070.

Callers should note that all calls made to and from the Referral Management Service may be recorded for training or monitoring purposes. If you do not wish your call to be recorded, please let the member of staff who is dealing with your call know.